TreeRing Green Yearbook
School We’re using TreeRing again this year to make our yearbook!
 As a reminder, we love TreeRing for two reason:
  • Custom Pages: Every student gets a one-of-a-kind printed copy of the yearbook, containing two free pages that can be customized with personal photos
  • Buy a Book, Plant a Tree: TreeRing plants a tree in our school’s name whenever someone from our school purchases a yearbook    

The total cost of the yearbook is $17.99.  If you purchased a yearbook last year, please visit to log in and reactivate your account for the current school year.  If you have never logged onto TreeRing for our yearbook, here’s the link specific to Adams Elementary to create your free account:

Once you’ve logged in and reactivated your account or have created a new account, you can preorder your yearbook.  You can also share photos (class candids, field trips, fundraising events, etc) with the entire school in one of our many All Community Folders.  We will pull photos from the All Community Folders for inclusion in the yearbook!  We can really use your help with this!  If you have any questions, or would like to send us photos, please email Jess Wolfram at