The Adams PTA is a resource for the families at Adams.  We are advocates for all of the children and their education.  The PTA strives to support our teachers and students by providing needed funding, volunteers, equipment and education enhancement programs.  The PTA is also committed to strengthening the home and school partnership by providing families information, activities and opportunities to help in the school.

Adams Bookfair is an exciting event held yearly at our school.  Students have a chance to preview the book selections with their classes before they make their purchases.   With the help of our many volunteers and their teachers, students are able to fill out "wish lists" of books they would like to purchase.  Our Book Fair Family night is always exciting, with many Adams families attending and fun events scheduled to keep students engaged.  Book Fair is also a great way to volunteer your time as we have many positions and time slots available.  Please contact Alexis Hetrick: if you are interested in volunteering. Only WCPSS approved volunteers can help with this project.

The PTA brings Cultural Arts activites to Adams to enhance the education of our students.  These enhancement programs expose students to a variety of cultural interests such as art, music, literature and science.

2016-2017 Cultural Arts Activities

October 31-November 4: Music Residency: Drums for Change

January 25: Charles Pettee, Bluegrass Performance

March 20: Diggery Diggers Dino Show

Adams "Magic" Acres School Garden was built by parents and students in the Spring of 2013.  The garden is grown using all organic practices.
We hope the school garden helps to: 
  • encourage healthy eating habits by introducing kids to new fruits and vegetables
  • connect children to the environment
  • provide hands on activities to supplement teachers lesson plans
  • and to introduce philanthropy by planting 'rows for the hungry' which benefit our local food bank
Parent volunteers guide student gardeners for "Garden Work Days," one day each quarter for every track, during recess time.


August 2016                                       November 2016                                     March 2017

August 12          Track 2                      November 18      Track 1                        March 3        Track 1

August 26          Track 1                      December 2016                                     March 17      Tracks 3 & 4

September 2016                                 December 1        Track 4                        May 2017

September 16    Track 4                      December 16      Track 3                        May 5            Track 2

September 29    Track 3                      February 2017                                       May 12          Tracks 1 & 4

October 2016                                      February 3           Track 2                       June 2017

October 28         Track 2                                                                                      June 16          Track 3                                                           

Please contact Julie Hall or Erin Peters if you have questions or are interested in volunteering. Only WCPSS approved volunteers can work on this project.  The sign-up genius can be found at:

Reflections is a National PTA sponsored program that recognizes student achievement in the arts.  The Program challenges students to create art inspired by a specific theme.  This year's theme is "What Is Your Story?".  Students can submit their unique interpretation of the new theme in any or all of the art categories: Dance Choreography - Videography – Musical Composition – Visual Arts – Poetry - Photography.  

Participants' art will be collected in October and featured in our school gallery in November.  All our artists will enjoy a special celebration in January and February in recognition of their work!  For information or to participate, please email Amy Whitfield:

Throughout the year, each child is recognized for one of eight character traits:  courage, good judgement, kindness, integrity, perseverance, respect, responsibility, and self discipline.  Children receive a special certificate for their trait and parents are encouraged to come and celebrate with their child (invitations will be sent home with the children prior to their Character Education recognition).  A group photo is also hung in the school for several weeks to celebrate the children's success.  

2016-2017 Dates
September 16, Tracks 2 & 4, 9:25 am               February 3, Tracks 2 & 4, 9:25 am
September 23, Tracks 2 & 3, 2:40 pm               February 24, Tracks 1 & 3, 9:25 am
October 7, Tracks 1 & 3, 2:40 pm                      March 10, Tracks 2 & 4, 2:40 pm
October 28, Tracks 2 & 4, 9:25 am                    March 31, Tracks 1 & 3, 9:25 am
January 6, Tracks 1 & 3, 9:25 am                      April 7, Tracks 1 & 3, 2:40 pm
January 27, Tracks 2 & 4, 2:40 pm                    May 5, Tracks 1 & 4, 2:40 pm
TreeRing Green Yearbook
School We’re using TreeRing again this year to make our yearbook!
 As a reminder, we love TreeRing for two reason:
  • Custom Pages: Every student gets a one-of-a-kind printed copy of the yearbook, containing two free pages that can be customized with personal photos
  • Buy a Book, Plant a Tree: TreeRing plants a tree in our school’s name whenever someone from our school purchases a yearbook    

The total cost of the yearbook is $17.99.  If you purchased a yearbook last year, please visit to log in and reactivate your account for the current school year.  If you have never logged onto TreeRing for our yearbook, here’s the link specific to Adams Elementary to create your free account:

Once you’ve logged in and reactivated your account or have created a new account, you can preorder your yearbook.  You have between now and March 30, 2017 to upload photos to your Personal Folders (which only you can access and see) and create your two free customizable pages.  You can also share photos (class candids, field trips, fundraising events, etc) with the entire school in one of our many All Community Folders.  We will pull photos from the All Community Folders for inclusion in the yearbook!  We can really use your help with this!  If you have any questions, or would like to send us photos, please email Jess Wolfram at

Hospitality Events for 2016-2017 School Year:

Friday, July 8: Staff Welcome Breakfast

Thursday, July 21: Snack Cart for Staff Before Open House (Tracks 1, 2 & 3)

Thursday, August 11: Snack Cart for Staff Before Open House (Track 4)

Friday, August 19: Ice Cream for Staff on Early Release Friday

Friday, September 9: Taco Bar from On the Border for Staff on Early Release Friday

Friday, September 30: Sandwich Bar for Staff on Early Release Friday

Friday, October 21: Lunch from Dave & Busters for Staff on Early Release Friday

Friday, December 2: Lunch from Sweet Tomatoes for Staff on Early Release Friday

Friday, January 20: Lunch from Ole Time Barbecue for Staff on Early Release Friday

Friday, February 10: Pizza & Salad Lunch for Staff on Early Release Friday

February 13-17: Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Friday, March 24: Sit-down Lunch for Staff on Early Release Friday

May 8-12: Teacher Appreciation Week

Wednesday, June 7: Fifth-Grade Recognition Celebration, Track 1

Thursday, June 29: Fifth-Grade Recognition Celebration, Tracks 2 & 3

Friday, June 30: Fifth-Grade Recognition Celebration, Track 4

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Hospitality Chairperson, Sharon Lord.