The PTA's Spring Fundraiser to fund iPads will take place February 5-16.  This year, we are not doing Boosterthon and we are not doing any sales.  We are simply asking parents, grandparents and friends of Adams to send in donations.  ALL donations from this fundraiser will be used to purchase iPads.  All students will be given an envelope & flyer to take home.  We are asking everyone to please return your envelope, even if you are not able to donate (there is a place on the envelope to mark that).  We can accept cash, check and online donations (there's a link on the left for online donations).

All classes that have 100% participation (either through donation or simply returning the envelope) will be entered into a drawing to win a pizza party and a $50 gift card to Stones for the teacher.  All students who raise atleast $50 will be entered into a drawing for a Family Fun Night Basket.