Parent Volunteer, Shawna Schnorr, is currently our school's representative to Area 9 School Board Advisory Committee.  Periodically through the school year the group of volunteers and principals meet to learn about topics in and affecting the school district, as well as give input on issues.

In November, discussion focused on the new ELA program that was adopted this year starting with 3rd and 6th grade. Topics included the kind of training teachers needed to use the new program and parent & student reactions to the program.

At the January meeting, several topics were discussed:


Brief discussion about the movie Resilience, which discusses the impact of adverse childhood events on school performance, health, etc. and techniques to address the effects of the events.

Biggest risks in the WCPSS budget

A couple examples are

- Hiring bus drivers with reduced base transportation budget

- Reimbursement to charter schools - varies monthly based on enrollment in charter and non-charter public schools in the county.

- Duke Progress Energy rate increase - the 17% rate increase would mean $3 million dollars more in power bills.

- K-3 class size requirement - the legislature hasn't provided additional funding to meet the requirements for additional teachers. The short fall is about $25 million for Wake County.  (This number does not include any capital money for classroom space, which comes from county, not state, funds.)

This was an important issue last year, and the legislature has not adopted any relief for this year.  In short, by mandating smaller class sizes for grades K-3, and not providing additional funding for teachers, the schools will have to take from other areas, such as funding for specials teachers and increasing class size for 4-5 grades, to fund the needed teachers. These new teachers will also need classroom space, which can mean combining classes, using specials classrooms, and other "creative" solutions.

Year-round schools start as early as March evaluating their staffing needs for July, so this unknown comes sooner for us than traditional schools.

School Calendar mismatch issues

Bill Fletcher explained to us about feeder patterns in the western part of the county, and how the calendar (traditional vs. year-round) and geography are not aligned.  Feedback was sought on the calendar for the new middle school being built.

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